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Ober Gatlinburg

Ski season at Ober Gatlinburg is a popular winter activity located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Ober Gatlinburg is a ski resort that offers skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and other winter sports and activities.

Ski season typically begins in mid-December and lasts until early March, depending on weather conditions. During this time, the resort offers a variety of trails and slopes for skiers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. They have a total of 10 slopes and trails, with the longest run being 5,200 feet.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Ober Gatlinburg also offers snow tubing, ice skating, and other winter activities. Visitors can enjoy a ride on the Aerial Tramway, which offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valley below. The resort also has a restaurant and lounge, as well as shops and other amenities.

To participate in skiing or snowboarding at Ober Gatlinburg, visitors can purchase lift tickets, which give access to the slopes for a set period of time. Rentals for ski and snowboard equipment are also available at the resort.

Ski season at Ober Gatlinburg is a popular winter activity that attracts visitors from around the region and beyond. It's a great way to enjoy the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains while participating in fun winter sports and activities.


Anakeesta is a popular outdoor entertainment complex located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The complex is situated on a mountaintop and features a variety of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages.

One of the main attractions at Anakeesta is the scenic Chondola ride, which takes visitors from downtown Gatlinburg to the top of the mountain. Once at the top, visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the Great Smoky Mountains and take part in a variety of activities, including ziplining, treetop canopy walks, and a mountain coaster ride.

Anakeesta also features several dining options, including the Smokehouse Brewery, which offers a variety of craft beers and southern-style BBQ, and the Cliff Top Grill & Bar, which features stunning views and a menu of gourmet burgers and sandwiches.

In addition to the outdoor activities, Anakeesta has a number of shops and boutiques where visitors can browse for souvenirs and unique gifts. The complex also features a treehouse playground and interactive outdoor games, as well as fire pits and seating areas for relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Overall, Anakeesta is a popular destination for visitors to Gatlinburg who are looking for outdoor adventure and beautiful mountain views. With a variety of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages, Anakeesta is a great place to spend a day or evening in the Great Smoky Mountains.

The Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community

The Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community is a unique and historic community located just outside the downtown area of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Established in 1937, it is the largest group of independent artisans in North America. The community is situated on an eight-mile loop road, and it's home to more than 100 shops, studios, and galleries.

Here are some key features of the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community:

  1. Local Artisans: The community is a haven for local artists and craftsmen who create a wide range of handmade goods. You can find everything from pottery and paintings to quilts, jewelry, and woodcraft.

  2. Workshops and Demonstrations: Many of the artisans offer workshops and demonstrations, allowing visitors to see the creative process and even try their hand at some crafts.

  3. Unique Shopping Experience: Unlike traditional malls or commercial districts, the Arts and Crafts Community provides a more personalized and authentic shopping experience. You can interact with the artists and learn about the stories behind their creations.

  4. Scenic Drive: The loop road itself is scenic, winding through the beautiful surroundings of the Great Smoky Mountains. It's a pleasant drive, and you can take your time exploring the various shops along the way.

  5. Historic Atmosphere: The community has a charming, rustic feel, and many of the buildings are reminiscent of old Appalachian cabins. It adds to the overall ambiance and makes for a delightful stroll.

Whether you're looking to purchase unique handmade souvenirs, appreciate local craftsmanship, or simply enjoy a leisurely drive through picturesque landscapes, the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community offers a one-of-a-kind experience. It's a great way to support local artists and take home a piece of Gatlinburg's rich artistic heritage.

Moonshine tasting

Moonshine tasting is an experience that involves sampling various types of moonshine, which is a high-proof distilled spirit. Moonshine has its roots in American history, often associated with homemade, illicitly produced alcohol. However, in recent years, many distilleries have embraced the tradition of moonshining and produce legal, commercially available versions of this spirit.

Here's what you can expect from a moonshine tasting:

  1. Variety of Flavors: Moonshine is often available in a variety of flavors, ranging from traditional unflavored versions to fruit-infused or spiced varieties. Common flavors include apple pie, peach, cherry, cinnamon, and more.

  2. Tasting Flight: Similar to wine or whiskey tastings, moonshine tastings typically involve a flight of small samples. Each sample allows you to experience the unique characteristics and flavors of different moonshine varieties.

  3. Educational Experience: Many moonshine tastings are accompanied by an educational component. Staff or guides may provide information about the history of moonshining, the distillation process, and the specific characteristics of each moonshine being sampled.

  4. Food Pairings: Some places that offer moonshine tastings may also provide food pairings to complement the flavors of the spirits. This can enhance the overall tasting experience.

  5. Distillery Tours: Some moonshine tastings take place within distilleries, and visitors may have the opportunity to take a guided tour of the facility to learn more about the production process.

It's important to note that legal moonshine produced by licensed distilleries follows regulations and quality standards. Unlike its historical counterpart, legal moonshine is crafted with care, using quality ingredients and adhering to safety and health standards.

Participating in a moonshine tasting can be a fun and flavorful way to explore the world of this unique spirit and gain an appreciation for the craft behind it. It's a social activity often enjoyed with friends, and it provides an opportunity to discover new and exciting flavors.

Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies

Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies is an award-winning aquarium located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, near the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It's part of the Ripley Entertainment family, known for its various attractions worldwide. The aquarium opened its doors in 2000 and has since become a popular destination for visitors of all ages.

Here are some key features of Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies:

  1. Underwater Tunnel: One of the highlights of the aquarium is a moving sidewalk that takes visitors through an underwater tunnel. This tunnel provides a 360-degree view of the ocean-themed tank, allowing you to walk through a glass tunnel with marine life swimming all around you, including sharks, rays, and other colorful fish.

  2. Interactive Exhibits: The aquarium features a variety of interactive exhibits and touch tanks, where visitors can get hands-on experiences with marine life such as stingrays and horseshoe crabs.

  3. Ocean Realm: This major exhibit showcases a diverse range of marine species, including giant sea turtles, jellyfish, and a variety of fish. The exhibit is designed to replicate an underwater environment, complete with coral reefs and shipwrecks.

  4. Penguin Playhouse: Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies is home to a playful group of African penguins. The Penguin Playhouse allows visitors to observe these charismatic birds both above and below the water.

  5. Rainforest: Explore the lush and vibrant world of the rainforest, featuring exotic plants, amphibians, and reptiles.

  6. Special Events: The aquarium often hosts special events and educational programs, making it an engaging and informative experience for visitors.

  7. Educational Programs: Ripley's Aquarium is committed to education and conservation. They offer educational programs for schools and groups, as well as behind-the-scenes tours to provide a deeper understanding of marine life and conservation efforts.

Whether you're a marine enthusiast, a family with kids, or just looking for a fascinating and immersive experience, Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies offers a captivating journey into the wonders of the underwater world.

The Gatlinburg Space Needle

The Gatlinburg Space Needle is an iconic observation tower located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains and the town of Gatlinburg itself. Here are some key features of the Gatlinburg Space Needle:

  1. Observation Deck: The main attraction of the Gatlinburg Space Needle is its observation deck, which provides stunning 360-degree views of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the town of Gatlinburg. The deck is situated 407 feet (124 meters) above the ground, offering breathtaking vistas.

  2. Elevator Ride: Visitors reach the observation deck by taking a glass-enclosed elevator that provides a scenic journey as it ascends to the top of the tower.

  3. Arcade and Game Room: The base of the Gatlinburg Space Needle features an arcade and game room, providing entertainment options for visitors of all ages. It's a great place for families and groups to enjoy some fun activities.

  4. Illuminated at Night: The Space Needle is illuminated at night, adding to the beauty of Gatlinburg's skyline. The changing colors of the tower's lights contribute to the festive atmosphere of the town.

  5. Landmark of Gatlinburg: The Space Needle has become a prominent landmark in Gatlinburg since its construction. It's easily recognizable and is often featured in photographs and postcards of the area.

  6. Adjacent to Shops and Restaurants: The Gatlinburg Space Needle is conveniently located near the heart of downtown Gatlinburg, making it easily accessible for visitors exploring the town. There are shops and restaurants in the vicinity, allowing for a well-rounded experience.

Visiting the Gatlinburg Space Needle is a popular activity for tourists seeking breathtaking views of the Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg's picturesque surroundings. It's both an architectural landmark and an observation point that provides a memorable experience for those exploring the area.